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I am Geza J. Holzinger full-stack designer.

I am focusing on human-computer interaction, user experience and website usability. I have been working as a web and media designer for more than 15 years. I design and build websites which generate more leads or sales and raise awareness of your brand. I am able to plan and draw clean and engaging user-friendly websites, web based applications and user interfaces based on effective UX considerations. I’m always thinking about ways to improve the design process and to also looking for better alternatives to learn from users in less time and in short sprints. My clients are small businesses, non-profit organizations, startups and private individuals.

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No work pressure!

I am very lucky because my work is also my passion. Being passionate about what I do is one of the important success factor in my business.
I believe that I can create real value with my passionate ideas. Like an effective designer, I am skilled at understanding the big picture and how everything works together how the pieces fit, how things should look and function, to get the right results. This comes partly from my passion-based philosophy and partly from my deep understanding how people use the Internet to make purchase decisions.


Biosepar InternationalBiosepar International
design and development

BioseparBiosepar GmbH
photography, project and content management

PemoPemo e. K.
WordPress development

Chedi Hotel


Working together with Geza on a webshop development was wonderful and simple. The design and implementation was completed on time and we couldn’t be more happy with his work. Thank you!

Tibor Tóth, creative director, EffektivArt, Budapest, Hungary

The ethic and practical work of Mr. Holzinger is highly valued by the management of the company. His activities are media design, planning and creation of flyers, catalogs and graphics for our marketing activities. He is also responsible for the photographic representation of our products and for the management of our webshop. The quality of his work is professional, he is always ready for suggestions, wishes and ideas to accept and implement them as much as possible.

Dr. Andreas Szabados, general manager, Biosepar GmbH, Simbach am Inn, Germany

Besides being a professional designer, Geza is a very nice, creative and open-minded person. It was a pleasure to work with him. Also check his unique visual anthropology project on Behance, they are amazing.

Miklós Déri 3D generalist & Concept Artist, Budapest, Hungary

Geza is a true genius and an honest businessman who implements everything into what you do. He pretends and enriches every homepage with his ideas.

Markus Kubitschek general manager and inventor, Pemo e.K., Simbach am Inn, Germany


Charles Kovess

"I am delighted to support the work of Geza and the philosophy of this website.

Passion is an amazing resource that is available for anyone who wants it. I have spent 26 years sharing this message, and the evidence is clear: 'passionate people produce'. If you don't know what you are passionate about, then invest the time and do the work to discover it. Never let others tell you that your passions are 'unrealistic' or 'impossible'. This website and Gezas's help will be useful resources on your way of pursuing your passion. One other key point that is worth noting: I have found that one's passion can almost always be converted into generating revenue, if that's what you want. In spiritual ways, the Universe seems to unlock itself if you are truly passionate, and then makes additional resources available to you.

So, use this website.
Use your mind and your spirit and enjoy the ride of passion!"

Charles Kovess Australia’s passion provocateur


The price of creating a new website or web application depends on a number of factors, because all of them are different.
The bottom line is that much like in any other professional service area, web design and development is an industry where you get what you pay for.
In any case I will give you a personalized offer for your project without hidden fees.

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