a brand new website for a better online look.

The client did not arrive with an exact idea that fully covered the features, but only outlined her idea to me. The goal was to develop a very simple, transparent website to present the company’s activities and references.

K├╝hnBauen, Stubenberg, Germany
The company modernize and rehabilitate the old houses and apartments.

1. Better online accessibility.
2. Implement a fully responsive solution.
3. Improve SEO performance and online marketing opportunities.
4. Improve usability and user experience.

what i did

Competitor Analysis
Logo Design
UX/UI Design
WordPress Development

During the design process of the new company logo, I decided to go for a very minimalist approach to reflect both elegance and sophistication. I opted for the “Poppins” font.



After the logo was completed, I worked on the typeface. After a lot of experimentation, I opted for the skillfully crafted “Oswald” for the heading and the “Open Sans” for the general text.

I worked closely with the company to find the best color palette which is reflecting the brand identity. Finally, we chose the following colors in accordance with the illustrations and photos on the website. I used color gradients to add something different to hero image and the other part of this website.

I found the green color to match the call-to-action button and the color palette the best.


I designed and developed a very first responsive website with a complete branding process. I researched the interpretation of different colors and fonts. Together with the customer we went through a long process by researching, testing and evaluating a lot of fonts and colors to make sure the selected represented the business.

I designed a transparent design with consistent structure to ease the information overload.